The National CMA

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Upholding the principles of the Faith; Advancing the profession of medicine

The Catholic Medical Association helps physicians grow in the spirit of Christ in their personal and professional lives, so they can bring His Spirit to the science and art of medicine.


As Catholic Physicians of the United States and Canada, we come together in the Catholic Medical Association in order to grow in the spirit of Christ in our personal and professional lives, to bring His Spirit to all that is touched by our science and art, and to assist the Vicar of Christ, the Bishops, and the whole Christian community with leadership, especially with the particular knowledge, skill, and experience we have as Christian Physicians.


  • To uphold the principles of the Catholic faith in the science and practice of medicine.
  • To assist the Church in the work of communicating Catholic medical ethics to the medical profession and society at large.
  • To support Catholic hospitals in faithfully applying Catholic moral principles in health care delivery.
  • To enable Catholic physicians to know one another better and to work together with deeper mutual support and understanding.